The History of the Coach Handbag

The design house of Coach began in a loft in Manhattan, New York in 1941. A small family-owned business, it became famous for the quality handbags, luggage, wallets, briefcases, shoe, belts, and other accessory items. Their leather products are made of high quality leather that obtains a patina as it ages. They make their products with quality hardware and rivets, often-solid brass, to insure the lifespan of their products. Coach supports the sales and maintenance of their items by the provision of a company policy that allows for any of their items to be returned to them and repaired for a nominal fee. It is requested that a repair request is provided in writing to explain the damage, but the repair fee is minimal and the item is promptly returned to the owner.

The Popularity of the Classic Coach Handbag

Coach is well known in the fashion industry and is remarkable due to its high profit margin. This profit margin is much higher than that of their competitors. May agree that the reason this is so may be the reputation Coach has earned for being an affordable luxury. The term, “affordable luxury” defines the basis of the Coach ideology. Coach products and most importantly the classic Coach handbags, are of such high quality yet are still being affordable to the mass population. As such, they continue to build a loyal following, many Coach handbags last for 15 years or more. Often times, consumers of the Coach handbags are generational, young women buying the same classic Coach handbags as Mom. Known for their quality, the items are priced in a price range that the mass population can afford. Not only is the price range reasonable, their also known for their quality customer service package. These company characteristics make the expense of a Coach handbag or other Coach item considered an investment rather than an indulgence.

Coach is Available Worldwide

Coach has over 300 retail outlets I the United State and Canada. In addition, they have over 200 locations in 19 other countries. Nearly all of production is done in China and the Dominican Republic. In 1985 Sara Lee Corporation purchased the company and for the first time, it was available on the public trading market at the New York Stock Exchange. The new ownership began to take the company into different directions to include fashion items such as sunglasses, watches, key chains, silk scarves and umbrellas (just to name a few). These modifications made the company stronger financially but began to lose the long-term customers that supported the original Coach handbags and such. In discovering this loss of market sales, the company reorganized their production list and brought back the classics in addition to the new items. With the return of the old favorites, the company continues to grow in the both markets, new fashion arenas and the old favorites.

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